The Hub to Your Spokes

Are you prioritizing the most important functions for your product?

Building a successful product means starting with a successful plan. We help clients determine a cohesive, logical workflow that will get your product past the finish line.

Our experts have overseen product ownership for dozens of assignments and specialize in breaking down complex problems to develop clear, straightforward paths to launch. For each project, we concentrate on keeping the following goals in mind:

  • Logic – we map out product builds before we even start creating to reduce redundancy.
  • Focus – we ensure that projects maintain momentum and stay on target each step of the way.
  • Accommodation – we use the technology and management style that works for your business.

Agile Management

Our product ownership expertise spans a range of development tactics. As such, we are capable of working with companies at any level of agile management adoption, from 100% agile management to hybrid waterfall/agile management.

We can guide teams through the following agile management steps:

  • Interfacing with stakeholders to capture use cases
  • User stories creation
  • Theme, Epic, Stories structuring of backlog
  • Backlog prioritization and triaging
  • Project management of sprints
  • Scrum team management
  • Retrospective, sprint demo, and sprint planning facilitation

Let us help you build your path to product launch.

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